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Simply put, CodeKey™ is an easy to use device designed to unlock the mystery of why your vehicle's Check Engine Light is on.

The Check Engine Light can ignite for something as simple as a loose gas cap, or as serious as a fuel leak. A flashing Check Engine Light can be serious, and continued driving can cause permanent damage to the vehicle. Until now, you would need to rely on a mechanic to determine what problem caused the light to go on.

Now, when your Check Engine Light turns on, simply plug CodeKey™ into the vehicle's computer connector and the code appears on the screen. Armed with this code, you can search our database to learn the specific engine problem that caused the light to turn on. So instead of driving around in a state of concern, or having to stop what you're doing to head for the garage, you can be your own engine doctor and determine the severity of your engine problem in just seconds.

With CodeKey™, you gain all the information you need to decide on an appropriate course of action.

When you know the source of the problem you can:
Decide if you should go to the garage immediately.
Determine if the problem is something you can fix yourself.
Know what to expect when you bring your car to a garage.

No more driving around in a panic!
No more blindly relying on your mechanic's word!
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